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Azam Abidov is a poet, translator, short story writer, singer, cultural adviser and activist, who was born in Namangan, Uzbekistan. He is the author of over 10 poetry and translation books, including A Miracle Is on the Way, Tunes of Asia, Dream of Lightsome Dawns, I Leave You in Complete Boredom, and My Name Is Uzbekistan. He writes in Uzbek and English. His work has been translated into more than 20 languages and published worldwide. Azam translated the best voices of classical and contemporary Uzbek poetry and fiction, including ghazals and an epic poem (Farhod and Shirin) by the father of Uzbek literature, Alisher Navoiy. He was a creative writing fellow in Iowa and a writer-in-residence at the LCB in Berlin. Azam attended international poetry festivals, creative writing workshops and cultural events throughout the world. He also got awards and recognition for his poetic and cultural activity from various organizations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. He is one of the founders of Maysara literary and cultural clubs at the Yudakov and Oybek House-Museums in Tashkent. In 2018, Azam launched the first-ever Writer/Artist Residency Program in Uzbekistan for foreign authors and artists.

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Azam Abidov est un poète, traducteur, nouvelliste, chanteur, conseiller culturel et militant, né à Namangan, en Ouzbékistan. Il est l’auteur de plus de 10 livres de poésie et de traduction, dont A Miracle Is on the Way, Tunes of Asia, Dream of Lightsome Dawns, I Leave You in Complete Boredom et My Name Is Uzbekistan. Il écrit en ouzbek et en anglais. Son travail a été traduit dans plus de 20 langues et publié dans le monde entier. Azam a traduit les meilleures voix de la poésie et de la fiction ouzbèkes classiques et contemporaines, y compris des ghazals et un poème épique (Farhod and Shirin) par le père de la littérature ouzbèke, Alisher Navoiy. Il a été boursier en création littéraire en Iowa et écrivain en résidence au LCB à Berlin. Azam a participé à des festivals internationaux de poésie, des ateliers d’écriture créative et des événements culturels à travers le monde. Il a également reçu des prix et une reconnaissance pour son activité poétique et culturelle de diverses organisations des Amériques, d’Europe et d’Asie. Il est l’un des fondateurs des clubs littéraires et culturels de Maysara aux Yudakov et Oybek House-Museums à Tachkent. En 2018, Azam a lancé le tout premier programme de résidence écrivain/artiste en Ouzbékistan pour les auteurs et les artistes étrangers.


Хоҳлагил, имкон топ, кеча кундаги
Аразингни унут, дил тўлдирамиз,
Мен сени севибон дўстман, шунчаки
Ёнма-ён, қалбма-қалб,
Кел, ўлтирамиз.

На қувонч, наширин суҳбатли давра,
Бу лазиз жонингга кўроласан эп,
Ҳар уйғонган кунинг – энг асл байрам,
Лаззатнинг кўпини рад этмоқ бир зеб.

Кел, тинчлик фаслида қайғу онимас,
Тирикликни қўллаб, қўйиб бошга бош,
Уруш деб кўз юмган жоннинг динимас,
Инсонлиги учун тўкайлик кўзёш.

Имкон топ, жаҳоний севги тиғи-ла
Бузғунчи нафсимиз жим ўлдирайлик.
Майли, шодон кулиб, майли, қон йиғлаб,
Ёнма-ён, қалбма¬-қалб,
Кел, ўлтирайлик!

Аъзам Обид


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Should you wish,
seek for chance,
and forget
Your bad blood
that is past,
let us fill in hearts.
I am a friend
loving you
just because let’s set
Side by side,
soul by soul,
As the feeling darts.

Neither joy,
nor a sweet
dialogue fit the needs
Of your tender soul,
as each and every day
For you is a true feast,
without any treats,
From too much of delight
it’s good to keep away.

Let’s don’t call to mind
Misfortune in peace season,
And welcome our lives,
While sitting tete-a-tete,
To those who fell in war –
for not their religion –
For they too human beings –
our tears – let us shed.

Seek for chance,
With the edge
of a global love,
Let us smash
One time and for all.
Be it joy
Or mourning
That’s come from above,

Let us seat
Side by side,
And soul by soul!

Azam Abidov

Soul by Soul, Translated from Uzbek by Azam Abidov


Where is your forehead,
Mother Earth?
My Facebook friend
From Vietnam
Is taking me to his
Space Station
He has built in his blissful childhood.
With the same creation,
The same flesh
And even the same God
We are not working enough
To promote
The Exchange of Love:

My tears cannot extinguish
Big fires in Australia,
I cannot keep breathing anymore
Because of dying humans,
Animals and birds all over.

My friend told me
I will be the first poet
In his station,
So I can take some fellows to join
From elsewhere,
Including from Iraq,
North Korea,
Israel and Palestine,
Iran and U.S.
To foster our poorest exchange
And be able to cast
The Shadow of Peace
Over you –
Mother Earth.

You deserved all
Wonderful things
Existence could offer!

But I don’t deserve you.

So where is your forehead?
I want to kiss and thank you,
And say good-bye.

Azam Abidov

Farewell to Earth

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