Our planet is on fire. Humanity is threatened with self-destruction by the violence of war, by the danger of nuclear weapons, and by the disastrous consequences of climate change. There are also the only slightly less visible fires of poverty, disease, hunger, and homelessness. As poets from many different countries who have a range of differing political beliefs and who work in differing poetic styles, we know that we all are inhabitants of planet Earth and that our fate is linked. We may have some varied ideas, but we all believe that poets can have a role to play in furthering healthy human life and social justice.
Poets of the Planet (POP) cannot be indifferent. We need poetry to express beliefs about our present social problems and to imagine ideas for a better future. POP invites poets across the globe to join us who believe that poetry can be a force in helping to strengthen the goals of a healthy environment, peace, freedom of expression and association, egalitarianism, a respect for human rights, and international cooperation.


We believe that the diversity of human life on this planet is precious, and we oppose any discrimination based on race, gender, class, sexual, religious, philosophical or political orientation. And we believe that poetry and the other arts will play a key role in forging long-lasting international friendships all across this currently endangered planet. Let us use poetry as best we can to begin to help put out the fires here on Earth.
Poets of the Planet (POP) is an inclusive organisation of literary creators based on the great pillars of the human condition, such as solidarity, fraternity and equality in diversity. And based on these, we will continue to defend peace and love by promoting knowledge, thought, culture, art and poetry as absolutely necessary vehicles for the strengthening of great human values.
Against all dictatorship, we defend the freedom to think, to dream, to express oneself. We stand alongside poets who, whatever the country, are persecuted, imprisoned, prevented from expressing themselves.

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Membership : Join Poets of the Planet (PoP)

Here’s your guide to joining our vibrant community of poets:

  • Introduction by a Fellow Poet: Connect with an existing POP member who will introduce you to our welcoming community.
  • Share Your Story: Craft a brief CV that reflects your poetic journey and submit a poem. Complete the Membership Form. Provide us with a few details, helping us get to know you better.
  • Submit via Email: Package your CV, poem, and completed form into an email addressed to our membership team.
  • Await the Confirmation: Our team will review your submission, appreciating the uniqueness you bring to our poetic family. An email confirmation will soon follow, officially welcoming you to Poets of the Planet.

Poetry, Community, and Your Support

At Poets of the Planet (POP), we believe in fostering a community where poetry thrives, and voices resonate. Our poetic universe welcomes you, and we kindly request that you consider supporting this creative network.

  • Membership Options: Choose from our three membership plans, each designed to cater to different preferences. Whether you choose a regular membership, opt for our founding membership, or aspire to be a patron of the arts and literature. As you explore our membership plans, we also extend an invitation for additional contributions or donations.
  • A Note on Donations: If you find resonance in our mission and wish to make a further impact, consider making a donation. Your generosity aids in the expansion of our poetic initiatives, outreach programs, and the overall enhancement of our poetic platform.

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