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POP News : The Worldwide Chain of Poems for Peace

At the heart of our mission, Poets of the Planet is actively committed to promoting peace through words and creativity.
Our flagship initiative, The Worldwide Chain of Poems for Peace, embodies our determination to use poetry as a powerful instrument for global harmony. Explore our daily commitment to peace through words on our Facebook page. The recent tragic events in Israel and the Gaza Strip have stirred deep emotions among our poets. Several of them have responded by writing poems, which we publish in their original languages. It’s a powerful expression of solidarity that we invite you to join. Learn more about.

A Birth Note

We are happy to announce the birth of a new international movement of poets : Poets of the Planet (POP).
We want to develop a friendly movement, obviously not a bureaucratic or pyramidal organisation but a horizontal network, a movement respecting equality in difference, unity in diversity. We believe in the necessity of such an international union of poets. Especially now.
This international community of poets will be keen to promote poetic creation, in a spirit of openness and sharing with the widest audience, particularly among young people. We intend to give people the opportunity to read, see and hear the words of poets from all over the globe.

Our planet is on fire. Humanity is threatened with self-destruction by the violence of war and the ravages of climate change. We are all part of planet Earth and we know that our fate is linked. We all have an urgent need for poetry, this word of truth and beauty, singular and common, courageous and free, sensitive and imaginative.
We need poetry because we are not robots, but human beings. We can not be indifferent. We need poetry to express our present and imagine a better future together, in peace and freedom for individuals and peoples.

Poets of the Planet – October 2023

About us

We believe in the power of poetry to create a more understanding and peaceful world. Within the Poets of the Planet (POP) movement, we have a deep vision: to share our words and dreams to inspire change, build bridges between peoples and spread a universal message of peace, hope and brotherhood.
Join us in this noble quest, where each poem is a precious stone in building a more peaceful and harmonious world. Together, as poets of the world, we write the poem of peace for future generations.

Stay in touch

As a member of Poets of the Planet (POP), we invite you to join our online community. It is the perfect place to stay connected with other poetry lovers from around the world, exchange ideas, share your creations and discover new poetic perspectives.

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Discover the richness of human creativity through the words of our poets, coming from all over the world.
Each name is a gateway to a world of poetry, emotion and inspiration.

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POP is in action

The world is on fire. Let’s make a chain for life.

The Worldwide Chain of Poems for Peace : Every poem  is a glow in the dark, a call to unity and action for a brighter future.

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In this space, we will welcome poems from all corners of the world, along with reflections on poetry and why it is essential for us. Go to YouTube.

Room for poems. See and hear the words of poets.

We transform public space into a poetic canvas to awaken inspiration, reflection and beauty in the most unexpected places.

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