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Zhang Housheng, born in Yancheng, Jiangsu, China in 1968, graduated from Nanjing Normal University. He is a poet, scholar and professor. Formerly a teacher at a university in Beijing, editor in chief of the school newspaper, and vice dean of the Academy of Literature. Tutor for the Youth Writers Class at Peking University. Dean of Xiangshan National College. Editor in Chief of Chinese Poetry. Publish poetry collections such as Wind and The Sea and Butterflies. There are three long poems, over 1000 pages of lyrical poetry, and many philosophical notes. Dedicated to the study of philosophy and theology. Practitioner of Great Poeticism Movement, member of the “18 Poets in the Poetry War Between Cao Shui and Yi Sha”, and representative member of the Beijing Poetry School.

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Zhang Housheng, né à Yancheng, Jiangsu, Chine en 1968, est diplômé de l’Université normale de Nanjing. Il est poète, érudit et professeur. Ancien enseignant dans une université de Pékin, rédacteur en chef du journal de l’école et vice-doyen de l’Académie de littérature. Tuteur pour la classe de jeunes écrivains à l’Université de Pékin. Doyen du Xiangshan National College. Rédacteur en chef de la poésie chinoise. Publier des recueils de poésie tels que Wind et The Sea and Butterflies. Il y a trois longs poèmes, plus de 1000 pages de poésie lyrique et de nombreuses notes philosophiques. Dédié à l’étude de la philosophie et de la théologie. Pratiquant du Grand Mouvement du Poétique, membre du “18 Poètes dans la Guerre de la Poésie entre Cao Shui et Yi Sha”, et membre représentatif de l’École de Poésie de Pékin.









Everlasting year,
Everlasting year。



Rose, Rose

At that time, I faced the wilderness of Mount Sinai
Thinking of you, Flower
Surrounded by wild thorns and blooming flowers, spring is approaching

Roses, roses, give them to me
My ignorance of roses
Time and space are long, and the void is distant

I want to go to your place
The rose blooms in an unparalleled way
The west bank of Rose Creek blooms

A skirt floating in the clouds of the world
Tears fill my eyes, fairy, dancing with golden hair

Dawn will come again with nothing to do about it
I set myself on the path of fire and water
Roses are not worldly flowers

Oh, thunder and dark clouds envelop the darkness
To face this, to face the peaks of night
The earliest rose, the final rose
The flowers of today and forever

Starry lights sky, roses fill up

Everlasting year,
Everlasting year.

(For the poet An Qi)

Rose, Rose

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