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Les Wicks’ 15th book of poetry is Time Taken, New & Selected (Puncher & Wattmann, 2022).
For 45 years Les has been active in the Australian literary community. He has been a guest at most of his nation’s literary festivals alongside a substantial list of international ones. Publication has been seen in over 400 different newspapers, anthologies and magazines across 37 countries in 16 languages.
Stylistically, the poet sits between camps. Seen as both a “stage” and “page” poet, his work is a mix of accessibility and dense use of language. He is a master of capturing the vernacular. Poems are both humorous and fierce, often in the same poem. Equally well known is his work as a publisher and editor.

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Le 15e livre de poésie de Les Wicks est Time Taken, New & Selected (Puncher & Wattmann, 2022).
Depuis 45 ans, Les est actif dans la communauté littéraire australienne. Il a été invité à la plupart des festivals littéraires de sa nation aux côtés d’une liste importante de festivals internationaux. La publication a été vue dans plus de 400 journaux, anthologies et magazines différents dans 37 pays et dans 16 langues.
Stylistiquement, le poète est assis entre les camps. Considéré à la fois comme un poète de la “scène” et de la “page”, son travail est un mélange d’accessibilité et d’utilisation dense du langage. Il est un maître de la capture du vernaculaire. Ses textes sont à la fois humoristiques et féroces, souvent dans le même poème. Son travail d’éditeur et d’éditeur est tout aussi connu.


Saw this guy
I remember from the days
Australia had a neo-nazi movement.

Back then he would harass us at demos
womens/black/sexuality rights
threw the occasional punch or brick.
His shaved head,
45 years later
just another baldy now.
His swastika tattoo on that craggy neck
is bleached to a gunmetal grey.

The guy’s just shopping
we’ve got some more rights
for sexuality/black/women/people.
He’s probably paid off his mortgage.

Will all hate fade like his ink?
Can respect grow for those small
clunky things called
borders, children, planet, peace.

Les Wicks


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