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Jakhongir Nomozov is a young Uzbek poet. He was born in 1997. Member and coordinator of the working group of Juntos por las Letras of international writers on Uzbekistan
. Representative of Turkey’s Poetry Spring (ŞIIR SARNICI) magazine for Uzbekistan. Member of the international association of artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Qo’sh qanot, coordinator for Uzbekistan. Member of the International Association World Talents established in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the winner of the Abay medal, Commemorative Badge of the International Amir Temur Charitable Fund and Pride of Science awards. Member of the International Association of Artists, member of the Kyrgyz Poets and Writers Public Fund of the Kyrgyz Republic. Participant of the traditional workshop of young artists. He has been creating in the fields of poetry, journalism, and translation. His poems are published in the international Mujde and Flashmab anthologies. He is the author of the books Rebels in My Heart, Sacred Space and Awakening Song. 2022 in the Turkish publishing house Baygenc. The poetry book Breath of the Sun was published. Winner of many national and international competitions. Published in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, India, Turkey, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Algeria, Vietnam, Serbia, Macedonia, Belgium, China, Spain, Italy, Albania, American newspapers and magazines and literary sites. Member of World Talents International Association, Kyrgyz Public Fund of Poets and Writers. He is a student of the University of Journalism and Mass Communications. Winner of the Guzel Alania Award of the Turkish state. Correspondent of the newspaper Children’s World.

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Jakhongir Nomozov est un jeune poète ouzbek né en 1997. Membre et coordinateur du groupe de travail des auteurs internationaux Juntos por las Letras sur l’Ouzbékistan. Représentant du magazine Turkey Poetry Spring (ŞIIR SARNICI) pour l’Ouzbékistan. Membre de l’association internationale des artistes de la République du Kazakhstan Qo’sh qanot, coordinateur pour l’Ouzbékistan. Membre de l’association internationale World Talents établie en République du Kazakhstan, lauréat de la médaille Abay, Badge commémoratif du Fonds de bienfaisance international Amir Temur et Pride of Science. Membre de l’Association internationale des artistes, membre du Fonds public des poètes et écrivains kirghizes de la République kirghize. Participant à l’atelier traditionnel de jeunes artistes. Il crée dans les domaines de la poésie, du journalisme et de la traduction. Ses poèmes ont été publiés dans les anthologies internationales Mujde et Flashmab. Il est l’auteur des livres Rebels in My Heart, Sacred Space and Awakening Song. En 2022 a été publié chez la maison d’édition turque Baygenc le recueil Breath of the Sun. Lauréat de nombreux concours nationaux et internationaux. Publié au Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Turkménistan, Azerbaïdjan, Inde, Turquie, Russie, Bangladesh, Népal, Kenya, Algérie, Vietnam, Serbie, Macédoine, Belgique, Chine, Espagne, Italie, Albanie, dans des journaux et magazines américains et sur des sites littéraires. Membre de l’association World Talents International, du Fonds public kirghize des poètes et des écrivains. Il est étudiant à l’université en journalisme et communication de masse. Lauréat du prix Guzel Alania de l’État turc. Correspondant du journal Children’s World.


Love is absorbed into my body,
I cannot help singing a love song.
Each of these poems that I wrote
Is an oath I gave to the truth.

The sparks you see in my eyes
Are the lights come from Heaven
And the wishes bloomed in my heart
Are the mirabilis you have never seen.

My hope will never wither, dry up
Spring always flourish my soul.
There is a great pain which is able to
Flourish my veins and bones at all.

I was made from love of The Almighty
Does the life know who I am?
In my tiny body, in my little chest
How much talent and love do I have?

Does the life know who I am?!

Jakhongir Nomozov



I failed to meet the rivers, my God
Sorrow encircled the days and the weeks.
The streams looking up for me dried
Because of the merciless sickness.

I failed to meet the width, my God
I got locked up in my room alone.
Swallow warbled so as to inform me that
Spring had come and already has gone.

I failed to meet my dreams, my God
Uploading all the sorrow to my shoulders.
Pains did enslave my pure soul
Have I been a slave of my old tortures?

I failed to meet seas, my God
Fiery breath burns my throat.
Bring me the smell freedom, please
And bring me news on liberty, free wind.

Jakhongir Nomozov

I failed


I missed you dear, I missed a lot
Not willing to step in the path of lovesick.
Although I forget the oldest memories
My clothes hold the smell of your cheek.

Darling, these distances separated us
Our love weakened not reaching to destination.
Every second of mine passes seeking for you
May happiness be waiting us the next station.

The roses which I bought for you
Are withering and becoming yellow.
All the sickness of my heart is yours,
I sent you fragrance of spring, my love.

Jakhongir Nomozov

I missed


Life killed all the passion of mine,
Squeezing my heart like pomegranate.
He wanted to make my gentle white soul
Put on the sorrow’s black garment.

All my hope is becoming weaker and fading
My mountains collapsing down to earth.
Day by day my feet are plunging
Day by day my soul is losing its strength.

Lightning is crashing inside of me
As if my chest will be cleaved.
I am afraid, oh my Lord, I am so afraid
What if the whole sky falls down to my head?

Jakhongir Nomozov


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