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Lei Xiaoming, a Chinese writer and poet, was a member of the “18 Poets in the Poetry War Between Cao Shui and Yi Sha”,member of Hunan Writers Association. Literary works are published in hundreds of publications such as Poetry Magazine, Star Magazine, and Hunan Literature. Publish five literary and historical books.

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Lei Xiaoming, écrivain et poète chinois, était membre des “18 poètes dans la guerre de la poésie entre Cao Shui et Yi Sha” membre de l’Association des écrivains du Hunan. Les œuvres littéraires sont publiées dans des centaines de publications telles que Poetry Magazine, Star Magazine et Hunan Literature. Publier cinq livres littéraires et historiques.


绿紫坳的山谷 风亲吻着山坡的老屋 望着残墙上的青苔 想与消失的矿山对话 乡音亲切,却是多么的遥远 捡一地缤纷的落英 流逝的岁月卷起心底的波澜 让我无法自拔 山峦的白云 掩饰着一个朦胧的旧梦 遗落在沉睡千年的矿渣里 正值这个五月的中午 诗人泽军拾到一块类似盆景的矿渣石 像一件民间艺术品,他用力一挥 一树鸟鸣随诗意飘向远方



The Chirping Of Birds In A Tree Drifts Away With Poetry The valley of green and purple The wind kissed the old house on the hillside Looking at the moss on the ruins of the wall I want to have a conversation with the disappearing mine The local accent is friendly, but how distant it is Picking up a colorful field of fallen petals The passing years roll up the waves in my heart It makes me unable to extricate myself The white clouds in the mountains Concealing a hazy old dream Lost in the sleeping slag of a thousand years It’s noon this May Poet Ze Jun found a slag stone resembling a bonsai Like a folk art piece, he swung it vigorously The chirping of birds in a tree drifts away with poetry
Lei Xiaoming

The Chirping Of Birds In A Tree Drifts Away With Poetry

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