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Scott Bird is originally from the western Colorado town of Paradox, USA. His poems have appeared in several Revolutionary Poets Brigade anthologies as well as other small magazines in the US. A forthcoming book of his poems called Portrait of a Rock on Fire will be published by Lithic Press in summer of 2024. He lives and works in San Francisco, California.

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Scott Bird est originaire de la ville de Paradox, dans l’ouest du Colorado, aux États-Unis. Ses poèmes ont paru dans plusieurs anthologies de la Revolutionary Poets Brigade ainsi que dans d’autres petits magazines aux États-Unis. Un prochain recueil intitulé Portrait of a Rock on Fire sera publié par Lithic Press à l’été 2024. Il vit et travaille à San Francisco, en Californie.


Gazing at the heat death
of the asphalt pads of the universe
sister and I drove for Tamales Point
offering tobacco and seeds to the
sea-bound stream along its way
she turned to me and said
we are so far from home and momma
in these stone fields of light 

it seems we are surrounded grey on all sides
but yonder out to sea, storm clouds
spray clouds of yhartzeit skies of light
sky upon fields of sky lakes of sky
shimmering off the deep
in intricate

Scott Bird

Ere on the Fire Escape She Bloomed

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